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Dunbar Commercial Enterprises has been manufacturing and selling Dunbar Roller Bearing Kits for over 40 years.  This amazing conversion unit is a set of roller bearings that are placed on the table ways of a surface grinder, eliminating the metal-to-metal contact of the bed and table. The action of the rollers allows the table to roll effortlessly and literally friction-free over the bed.

The rollers are hardened and ground to precision and will not affect the table's existing accuracy. Precision work is accomplished with the added ease of operation. Productivity increases.

The Dunbar Roller Bearing Kit can usually be installed in an hour. With the installation of these rollers, rescraping of your grinder's ways is almost eliminated.

The Patented Dunbar Roller Bearing Conversion Kit is aimed at updating your old (or new) Surface Grinder to a more efficient, money-saving machine, and with its ease of operation makes grinding jobs go smoother and quicker.

Standard Kits are available for more than 60 makes of hand operated surface grinders.


We hope you have an interest in our product and look forward to doing business with you.




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